Site History

In February 2000 I looked at the website. I became a member and followed their instructions, using a template to build a webpage. I named it "Jason's Page" and there it stayed as I couldn't think what info to put in it.

In March 2001 I came across, a travel page that allowed members to publish their own travel experiences online using "forms". After browsing other peoples' pages I noticed that some had different sized and different coloured text as well as internet links and pictures. I was interested in how this could be achieved and so after some emails, I found that I would have to learn something called HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). I spent the next couple of months practicing the basic codes and did an online HTML course (Antonys HTML). By July that year I had gone back to my webpage and deleted the old page. It was replaced by my own code i.e. I did not use a template this time. was now a working website and I began to think of other things to put on it. In September 2001 I had found the website and were using their statistics on my site.

By September 2001 I knew enough HTML to take an existing webpage design, copy the code and edit it to meet my own requirement. In November 2001 I upgraded my geocities website and registered the domain Over the next three months I began work on a project for building pages about Prague. In February 2002 I published the first three Prague pages of what would grow to more than 50. In December 2003 the site was converted to CSS (Cascading Stlye Sheets). In September 2004 I bought a professionally designed website template and edited the code to suit my requirements. The Prague project was moved off the domain in November 2004 to it's own domain at here. After the last two Internet Explorer releases caused problems with dropdown menus I decided to switch back to a simple HTML format in 2012.