Work Experience

RAN Analyst (NSN equipment) Ericsson UK
January 2012 to Present

I returned to the previous project still at RAN 3rd Line support level but with a new function of RAN Analyst. This is a small team of engineers given a simple brief. Innovate new ways of increasing network performance and efficiency while simultaneously decreasing cost. We don't wait to be told about problems. Network data is analysed to provide candidates for investigation. Results are assessed and applied at network level to rollout problem resolution in the most efficient manner. It's an extremely proactive role where I have a wide-ranging area for investigation of faults, trending and analysis of network data. If the problem is new then I fix it as quickly as possible. If the problem is known then I get involved to provide direction to get it solved faster and more efficiently. We are involved in increasing cell availability to increase customer revenue and at the same time prevent congestion issues. We utilise field visits more effectively by directing the field engineer to perform specific actions and/or give us local data to eliminate the need for further visits. We tackle difficult "intermittent" and "under the radar" issues where we we show cost/benefit to the company. We take individual issues, demonstrate the benefit to Ericsson at network level and then present the project requirement to the necessary team if not carried out by us. Some recent facts from the last month: cell availability increased by 0.2% , on-site power configuration dimensioning change recognised, @50 unnecessary site visits prevented, 2x network-wide transmission parameter changes to increase HS performance (primary customer complaint).

RAN 3rd line support (NSN equipment) Ericsson UK
January 2011 to September 2011

I have two functions on this project. My main task is to provide Back Office support for the resolution of tickets raised on the Hutchison and T-Mobile networks (also known as MBNL or Everything Everywhere) for BTS and RNC issues. My secondary role is to work with Ericsson project management in an ongoing process to formulate and drive recommendations to O2 management in order to help O2 cut 3rd party costs during their fault handling process. This has required negotiations with O2 plus investigative work on fault handling statistics and historical data. It is my responsibility to prepare Ericsson project managers for direct meetings with O2 during this process.

Back Office RAN and RIC Support for NSN Austria
May 2009 to September 2010

This is a Back Office position providing RAN support for both NEC and NOKIA systems run by the Hutchison and T-Mobile customers. I provide RIC swap support from NEC to Nokia WBTS and RNC equipment for Hutchison Austria. I'm working with the Radiocommander, NetAct, NEC RNC750, NOKIA RNC450 and RNC2600 and Flexi /Flexi-plus WBTS equipment. I have received additional training for operation and maintenance of the Flexi-plus equipment and troubleshooting of the OMS (NSN RNC). We are running WN4.0 on RAS06 and RU10 CD1 (NB7). I have assisted in the commissioning of an RNC2600 single cabinet. Daily work includes supporting field engineers with NodeB equipment/licencing/transmission problems, trouble ticket clearing, network optimisation (implementing changes) for NEC via scripts and for NSN via Operations Manager plans, supporting customer requests and providing fault resolution details back to the NOC. I can use the CM editor and RNW Object Browser for local configuration changes including complete NodeB removal and rebuild. I co-operate with customer technical support teams. I can work on-site with the customer, in the NSN office or remotely via VPN. I'm required to be the emergency 24hr on-call engineer every 4 weeks for both NEC and NSN UTRAN. I must be familiar with local processes and ticket reporting tools regarding both RAN support and the swap project.

TAC2 UTRAN Support for Ericsson UK (Project)
September 2008 to April 2009

T-Mobile and Hutchison UK RAN sharing project (MBNL). I am a technical lead engineer on the operational support team covering all aspects of the equipment swap including databuild, NEC deletion, NSN build/provisioning and Flexi integration via NetAct. My role covers the deletion of old NEC sites and the provisioning/integration of new Flexi BTS sites. I am familiar with the CM Operations manager and CM Editor for plan provisioning. I troubleshoot hardware, commissioning and transmission problems during Flexi integration using the RNW object browser and BTS Site Manager. I perform basic performance reporting after integration to confirm voice, video and HSDPA functionality. I support my operations and databuild colleagues where deletion scripts have failed or transmission/O&M parameter issues require manual intervention.

TAC2 UTRAN Support for Nokia Siemens Networks Spain (Telefonica Project)
October 2007 to August 2008

My role covers both NEC RNC/BTS equipment and NOKIA RNC/FlexiBTS equipment. This is primarily a back office O&M position with ocassional requirement for customer support on-site at the RNC or NOC. I am part of a TAC2 team (CARE-CIT) supporting two customers (Orange and Telefonica) with a combined 37 network RNC's on three radio commanders. My work title is officially "UTRAN Technical Support for Telefonica" and we are currently involved in a swap of Siemens RNC/BTS equipment over to NOKIA.

NOKIA duties are primarily FlexiBTS integration requiring the use of NetAct applications (RN2.2 and RN3.0). I troubleshoot the NB/RNC equipment states/configuration and databases in RAS05, execute NetAct view building, alarm handling, licencing and software downloading during the integration. I have received training for fault handling on the RNC450 using NetAct and also via direct MMI connection to the RNC system (OMU/NEMU/FEWS). I have received training for RNC integration (IPA2800 platform) for ATM interface configurations and internal/external interface links (Iu-Cs, Iu-Ps, Iub etc). Via NetAct I can perform configuration of new WBTS units, DCN configuration and associated parameters for which I work with the local planning group. I'm familiar with the use of the WBTS Site Manager and NED/NOLS offline Nokia documentation tools. Currently we are upgrading from RAS05 to RAS06 requiring new software downloading and activation.

Siemens/NEC duties include RN-750 system acceptance testing, FOA, NB integration, UTRAN FW/SW/DB (firmware/software/database) upgrades and RNC expansion and some feature testing. I recently completed the upgrade of 19 RNC's to UMR60_07 and oversaw more than 2000 NB software activations. I provide RC NodeB integration support as well as RNC FE alignment support at system level and customer Graphical User Interface (GUI) level. I provide ticket handling via ICTS and emergency fault resolution.

UMTS TAC2 UTRAN Support and CIC Group Trainer, Siemens Austria
January 2006 to May 2007

I was recruited for a back office support position. I am required to assess/improve the operational skill level of a TAC2 CIC team located in Vienna. The team is supporting two commercial customers that have upgraded to UMR50_10 (HSDPA) and expects to expand to include HSUPA trials. Although Siemens training has been planned and attended, senior managers recognise this as primarily theoretical and asked that I pass on actual operational experience to the team as well as supporting more experienced members of the team for fault related issues. I am to make use of all my TAC2 analysis and integration experience for this to be accomplished. My primary task is technical back office support. Other tasks include the verification and any improvement if necessary of any CIC procedure, coordination of emergency response and assisting RC engineers in UTRAN connectivity and download problems. From an operational standpoint I must create a basic level of understanding of UTRAN RNC O&M for all members of the team and increase the knowledge of those with more aptitude. All team members must be capable of RNC data saving, including HSDPA, initial fault analysis and proficient in using local management procedures and tools including remote access and ICTS (normal use, macros and reporting). I am required to introduce the UPS data saving system and train the local staff how to use and interpret it. I am also required to run an ongoing training program for data saving techniques and operation of ICTS. I have daily contact with RNCC and BLS groups in Germany, Croatia, Austria and Italy. I also have daily contact with Austrian SPL's (Service Project Leaders).

UMTS TAC2 UTRAN Upgrade Support Siemens France (SFR Project)
October 2005

My role is to provide support for a UTRAN SW/FW upgrade (30_10 to 35_08 ) for the SFR project. The upgrade is performed via the RC using predefined scripts. I am to assist directly in the upgrade process for preparation and execution and provide support for any problems that arise.

UMTS TAC2 UTRAN Support Siemens. T-Mobile Project, Germany
February 2005 to August 2005

My role is to support UTRAN UMR3.5 (currently 35_10) and deal with associated issues caused by upgrades and/or subsequent patches. My primary technical function is to provide support for network call processing functions, to isolate and fix problems in the UTRAN RN-750 (enhanced or classic) RNC by remote access using IMAT or directly supporting an on-site engineer by phone. I am experienced in reacting to emergency faults and being fully aware of the necessary fault symptoms that need to be saved in any given situation. I am fully aware of timescales allowed for fault investigation/resolution and for the purposes of fault escalation to TAC3. I can analyse statistical PM data and IMSI call trace data using various offline tools. I perform analysis of RNC CALM logs for fault localisation. Other tasks include the answering of general queries from Siemens TAC1 and T-Mobile/D2 staff based on ACTIS/FEKAT Trouble Ticket or by verbal request. The network is divided into a test/pilot/live config which means that RNC's will be at different upgrade/patch levels. I have ongoing contact with TAC2 RC to isolate specific operational problems in Performance Management and/or other issues pertaining to either the RNC or NodeB. I was involved in KPI testing for the 35_08 RNC load, this involves equipment optimisation based on PM and diagnostic data. I have a weekly contact meetings with T-Mobile, TAC3 and NEC for ticket discussion and clearance. TAC2 CIC for T-Mobile and TAC2 RNCC for D2 Project for escalation.

UMTS TAC2 Radio Commander and UTRAN Support Siemens/VOX, Luxembourg
September 2004 to January 2005

I act in a dual role as support engineer for Siemens RC O&M and UTRAN UMR3.04 integration. My primary role is to support the transfer of operational responsibility from Siemens to the local customer. I am responsible for all the "on the job" integration training involving the planning and operations departments. For planning this involves the database construction for NB and UTRAN (both CLI and HMI) and the input of the database into the system. For the operations team this involves "hands on" training for the Radio Commander for the purposes of fault/alarm/config and software management. The supervisory staff are also trained on system aspects like security and user management. In UTRAN the training covers all requirements for integration. Port provisioning on the ATM as well as ATM converter IP configuration and RC file reconfiguration is also covered in the training. My secondary role is to provide support direct to Siemens engineers involved in the project for integration and system upgrades for the RNCE (Enhanced).

UMTS TAC2 Radio Commander and UTRAN Support Siemens/Telefonica, Spain
January 2004 to August 2004

TAC2 customer on-site support for all RC operational user issues. TAC2 build issues include OMP Sunfire 4800 installation and commissioning (out of box), system maintenance and troubleshooting. Set up of tools/scanners for PM+ (OTS) and operational support. Advise customer about operational procedures.
UTRAN TAC2 support duties include provisioning and integration of NodeB's onto the RN 750 and Radio Commander. This requires knowledge of the NodeB configuration database, knowledge of the RNC NB database and NB creation/alignment procedure on the RC. I work closely with the departments responsible for database construction and radio planning. One of my roles is to highlight/correct script problems before they are loaded into the system so this requires script and database troubleshooting in CLI and HMI. I have the ability to resolve integration issues in NodeB, RNC and Radio Commander. I can perform RNC hardware equipment diagnostics and effect remote repair if possible. I perform signalling link troubleshooting (often the customer will ask for a sig link to be reset or blocked in the event of link failure) and traffic monitoring between NodeB and MSC (using vpi debug). I am the UTRAN integration on-site trainer for local Siemens employees.

UMTS NOC Supervisor, Siemens/Hutchison, Hong Kong
April 2003 to November 2003

Training at Siemens Munich Training Centre, enabling at Hutchison 3G Vienna. My main duties as NOC Supervisor for the Hutchison 3G commercial UMTS network (1200xNodeB, 5xRNC) in Hong Kong include supervising and directing a 5-man 24hr shift responsible for monitoring, prioritising, distributing alarms/faults via the Radio Commander (RC) and NEC "IMAT" management systems. I liase with the customer and prime contractor about trouble ticket status and any daily network issues. I am required to evaluate current processes and create local O&M and UTRAN procedures (approved by Siemens HK). I also created and implemented the RC training program for local staff in preparation for changeover.
My OSS Admin/Security management responsibilities for the RC include provisioning of new authorisation/user profiles onto the system. I monitor OMT/OMP status (disk/memory usage, SUN hardware status and running processes) with authority to diagnose faults, kill rogue processes and to shutdown/restart OMT's and OMP in the event of TAC2 not being on site. I represent O&M in meetings between the Siemens management team and Hutchison supervisory/managerial staff where discussion of processes and procedures or fault investigation is required.
My configuration and software management duties include the creation of NodeB and RNC entities on the RC along with the appropriate software/database download if required. I supervise NodeB integration (and customer training), confirming IP/MEID/ATM/RNC info is correct and troubleshoot as necessary (including online database checking using ftp/vi and XML), supporting both the shift and the NodeB engineer if required.
Apart from my supervisory duties, I have to cover for any team member who may have taken holiday or sick leave, which requires me to provide 1st line support for Node B 440/441/341 equipment on the UMR2.7/NodeB 33.4 loads and the RNC (NEC RN-750).

GPRS NMC Engineering Contractor for Motorola and Cellnet (O2), UK
October 2001 to May 2002

Front Desk duties including monitoring of alarms via Cisco CIC, OMC-g and Unix workstations on a 5xGGSN/58xSGSN commercial GPRS system. 1st line maintenance of GGSN's via GUI and HP Openview platform. 1st and 2nd line maintenance of SGSN's via direct command and OMC-g. Analysis of logs to prove and solve network trouble-tickets. Direct customer contact to solve customer issues relating to their APN and general attach problems with handsets/PDA's and RIM Blackberry units. Liaise with foreign operators on roaming issues. GPRS maintenance/faulting on Motorola and Nokia BSS equipment. Liaising with operator to develop a more effective customer service.

TETRA (European Trunked Radio)/DiMetra Warranty Engineer for Dolphin/Motorola, Germany
January 2001 to August 2001

ATP Acceptance testing for pre-launch network. OMC support for basic administration, standards and procedures to be used on network. BSS support for the commissioning and integration of new sites on Motorola GSM equipment. Operation of the AIRGEN database tool, operation of the Alcatel 1630 digital cross-connect with the CISCO BPX-MGX Tetra solution. Knowledge of the Tandem Digital Applications Processor (DAP), inter BPX connectivity via the Alcatel 1641, operation of the 1320 Network Manager and basic knowledge of the Nortel DMS LAC information procedures.

GSM System Engineering Contractor for Motorola, Czech Republic
July 2000 to December 2000

BSS support and System Acceptance testing for upgrade to GPRS1614. Service request (Trouble Ticket) management and problem resolution for GSM commercial and GPRS test networks. GPRS system monitoring and reactive maintenance. PCU diagnostics and 2nd line data gathering. EDGE theory.

System Engineering Contractor for Motorola, Portugal
November 1999 to July 2000

OMC-r support for 1603 BSS integration. Second line BSS support for maintenance issues. Creating and loading sites by local procedure. New site acceptance and verification prior to customer handover. Statistical analysis of site performance. BSC equipment planning and optimisation. BSS preventative faultfinding and troubleshooting network issues. Using K1103 to localise SMS messaging faults. Dealing with customer sub-contractors/third party vendors. Pre-network training for GPRS. System overview and comparison of GPRS against CDMA1. UMTS theory.

System Engineering Contractor for Motorola (Hi-Tech), Austria
June 1998 to February 1999

OMC-r support for BSS 1515 upgrade. Network fault and statistical analysis to improve network stability and equipment performance. Training for customer to improve knowledge and general system handling techniques. BSS and PCM optimisation. Development and implementation of local procedures to identify roles and responsibilities of 2nd line support staff.

GSM System Engineering Contractor for Nortel. France/Belgium/Slovakia/China
July 1997 to January 1998

Team supervisor for online and local commissioning testing of S2000, S4000 and S8000 units. Training for in-country engineers. OMC-r basic operation V9.

System Engineering Contractor for Motorola, Czech Republic
June 1996 to July 1997

Motorola OMC-r software upgrade and network radio database loading. Network fault investigation and remote technical support for BSS and OMC-r. OMC basic administration with general housekeeping/optimisation duties. Performance analysis and database optimisation on-line during integration. Trainer for operators and BSS engineers. Received on-site training in the basic operation of the Siemens OMC-b for alarm handling and maintenance.

System Engineering Contractor for Motorola, China
June 1995 to June 1996

Installation, commissioning, integration and maintenance of the Motorola BSC, XCDR and BTS units. OMC-r operator responsible for site integration, performance analysis, fault diagnosis and fault management. Local staff training. BSS technical support.

Cellnet (O2) - Network Management Centre, GSM Monitoring/Support, UK
August 1994 to June 1995

OMC-r network/fault management. Fault investigation and distribution on NOKIA and MOTOROLA OMC-r's. National BSS support for field engineers on BTS's.

Cellnet (O2) - London Area Field Engineer, UK
March 1989 to June 1994

Installation, commissioning, integration and maintenance of UK GSM Test and Launch networks. Radio optimisation using LOMMS.

British Telecommunications PLC - London Area Field Engineer, UK
July 1983 - March 1989

Three years as a technical apprentice followed by three years as a customer maintenance engineer in the City of London working with in-house managers, dealing with daily problems on various systems.