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My primary reason for beginning this kind of work was an interest in travel and experiencing other cultures. I have been awarded at least two contracts based on my working knowledge of Chinese culture and I have the skills required to integrate myself as much as possible into any Latin/Asian or European culture. I spent five years, on and off, learning about different aspects of Psychology. This has come in extremely useful when arriving on different projects as I am frequently asked to assess staff and suggest the most efficient ways of increasing their work knowledge.

I have varied musical tastes including Jazz, Soul, Ska and Reggae. As a hobby I have taught myself HTML programming and have my personal domain (you are viewing it) as well as another domain called Living Prague that helps people prepare for a visit to Prague. I like to learn enough of a language to be able to eat, drink and travel within it. Whilst in a city I like to find "second hand" or "used" bookshops. I read and collect hardback non-fiction and fiction English language books with emphasis on foreign travel, personal endurance and autobiographies. I like to go to quiz nights as I find they attract similar people.

In 1990 I qualified for a PPL(H) helicopter pilots license for the Robinson R22 helicopter. I maintained my licence until 1995 when my consulting career began.

I like art but not religious depictions or royal portraits. I especially like 16th Century artists Pieter Brueghel (elder), Jan Brueghel, Herronimus Bosch and Joachin Patinir. I also like Spanish artists Diego Velazquez and Joachin Sorolla.

My sports interests include tennis, aikido and golf.