The Story So Far...

A few more grey hairs.....
Born 1966 in Dartford, England, I spent the next 29 years about 7 miles further down the River Thames at Gravesend. In my early life I achieved unspectacular results in my education and at 16 years old, realising I was not yet in the position to get the job I wanted, I progressed to Technical College. In 1983 after a year at college I secured a technical apprenticeship with British Telecom and spent the next 7 years working in the City of London. The 1989/91 building recession in southern England saw to it that my friends were either unemployed or had little money so, our holidays were generally cheap, cheerful and in the UK. In 1992 faced with similar circumstances, I broke the mold and booked myself a holiday in Kenya (this was to stand me in good stead for later on, although I didn't know it at the time) it would be my first time travelling alone outside of England.

In successive years I travelled to Singapore, Hong Kong, Bali, Nepal, United States, Germany, Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and Holland. During this time, I moved from the City of London to work for Cellnet (now called O2) and I trained first on the analogue network and then on the newer digital GSM system until in January 1995 I began to explore the options for working abroad with Cellnet or BT. In April 1995 I was one of a group of people who successfully applied to work on a joint BT/Telefonica project in Spain. Unfortunately our celebrations were cut short when our managing director changed his mind and blocked the assignment. This was a turning point in my life as I was forced to realise that I would have to resign from my job to work outside the UK. This culminated in my resignation on May 29th 1995 from British Telecom/Cellnet and my arrival in Beijing, China on June 12th. Many destinations where I have worked have travelogues written about them and you can find the link above.

My work title is officially "Cellular Systems Engineer" or more recently "UTRAN TAC2 Engineer" but, this covers a wide range of functions. Generally I assist cellular operators in building new cellular networks or making existing ones more fault resistant and better performing. I have been fortunate to work in several European Capital cities including Berlin, Paris, Brussels, Lisbon, Madrid, Vienna and Prague as well as many other cities and towns within those countries. I was back in China where I spent five months working in Hong Kong in 2003. In 2004 I spent the first half of the year in Madrid and the last half in Luxembourg. 2005 found me still in Luxembourg but, I spent most of the rest of the year in Augsburg, Germany (about 20km north of Munich) with the addition of a short contract in Lyon, France. 2005 saw my first ever trip to the Oktoberfest beer festival in Munich. 2005 also saw me get married in March (after more than 7 years together) to Sona and be present at the arrival of Maria Ellen Holt on August 25th 2005. I was back in Vienna for the whole of 2006 and half of 2007 and arrived in Spain later in the year. 2008 saw me still working in Madrid, Seville and Valencia for Nokia Siemens Networks when in May 2008 my father died aged 77. In September I took a six month contract in the UK so as to spend every other weekend with my mother. I spent Spring 2009 at home in Prague and spent a fair amount of time building a garden pond before moving onto my third tour of duty in Vienna in a RIC and back-office support role for the next 18 months. In January 2011 I returned to the UK as a 3G RAN 3rd line support engineer. Back home in the Summer to complete a huge reconstruction of our house in Prague which took nearly 4 months of work followed by another two months of cleaning and redecorating. In January 2012 I'm back in the UK but this time as a 3G RAN Analyst.

Sona and I now have two sons and a daughter and although I continue to work in other countries, Prague is now my home. Below are recent pictures.


Santo Tomas, Menorca 2007 Maria, 2nd Birthday Adam, Mikey and Maria. August 2007 Sona and I, Venice, May 2007


Sunset Beach, Benalmadena, February, 2008 Mikey, Benalmadena beach Mikey and Maria, Madrid, February 2008 Adam, Plaza Dos de Mayo, Madrid, 2008 Adam, Mikey and Maria, Benalmadena, 2008 Sona, Adam and Maria, Benalmadena, 2008


Chopok, Slovakia, July 2009 Maria, Tatralandia, Slovakia, July 2009 Tatralandia, Slovakia, July 2009 Adam and Mikey, Chopok, Slovakia, July 2009 Jason, Sona, Mikey, Chopok, Slovakia, July 2009


Vatican, Rome May 2010 Adam, Petrikov, April 2010 Mikey, Petrikov, April 2010 Maria, Petrikov, May 2010 Molly